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Air Force Association - India
To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare

To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare

Senior Citizen's Home

Senior Citizen's Home

1. Senior Citizens Home (SCH) is run on a very reasonable ‘Pay and Stay’ basis. The following infrastructure is provided:

  • The four-storied structure has two Wings comprising of 37 rooms (Units) in each Wing, totaling 74. Wing A is designated for Officers and Wing B for all Other Ranks.
  • Living quarters comprise a comparatively comfortable room with attached bathroom and a balcony.
  • (c) Accommodation is fully furnished with adequate furniture, fittings and woodwork.
  • Daily housekeeping under strict supervision.
  • Spacious well furnished lounge.
  • Bar.
  • There are separate lifts and stairs connecting the basement to all the floors in both the wings.
  • Clean and Airy Dinning Room where delicious food is served, providing a wide ranges both Non-Veg and Veg. Normally the residents are expected to have their meals in the Dinning Hall. However, if a resident is ill and unable to come to Dinning Hall, he/she is served meals in the room.
  • The residents, to the extent possible, are also provided specific kind of food, if recommended by the Doctor.
  • Laundry services.
  • Telephone/Cable/Electricity with suitable arrangements for billing.
  • Spacious car parking place in the Basement.
  • Generators back up to cater for power cuts/shut downs. Power supply is ensured for 24 X 7.
  • Adequate provision for unrestricted water supply for 24 X 7.
  • Beautiful and well maintained garden and lawns to add color to the surroundings.
  • 24 hours security manned by a professional body.
  • Medicare facilities. For day-to-day normal illness Station Medicare Centre, 7 BRD looks after the residents. Sick residents are referred to Senior Medical Officer a 7 BRD to provide the treatment. In case of serious/prolonged illness, the residents are referred to Base Hospital Policlinic for further management of sickness. At times, the residents are also referred to Batra Hospital whenever the immediate attendance/treatment is required in an emergency.


2. The Senior Citizens Home has been built with the active financial support of IAF Central Welfare Fund. The ‘Executive Council of SCH’ and ‘Governing Council at Air HQs’ controls the operational and functional activities of Home. Chief Executive Officer and a minimal staff appointed by Air Force Association are responsible for its day-to-day functioning. Whereas, all the other facilities are provided by Senior Citizen Home management, the messing facilities, house keeping and security are provided by a contractor appointed by SCH. For the physical security of the SCH, and its residents, the Delhi Police are responsible to provide necessary security to the SCH, which has been beefed up recently to the satisfaction of Air HQs, since SCH is a creation of Air HQs.

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3. All Senior Citizens of IAF (ex-service personnel of 60 years and above, their spouses and widows) who are member of AFA, couple or single and free from contagious/communicable diseases, mentally and physically agile and coherent are eligible to seek admission as a “Pay and Stay” member. It has also been decided to permit eligible ex-servicemen of sister services, admission in SCH, maximum to the extend to 10%.

Registration Fee

4. Anyone seeking admission of ‘Pay and Stay” basis in the SCH is to first register his/her name by paying a registration fee as per details given below:-

(a) Officers / Family - Rs. 20,000/-
(b) Other Ranks/Family   - Rs. 12,000/-

In normal course the registration fee is non-refundable. However, it can be refunded to an individual, without any interest on the deposit, it the individual can not be accommodated in SCH, as and when he wishes to shift to SCH, due to non availability of accommodation.

License Fee

5. The members approved for admission will be required to pay one time license fee @ RS. 5 lacs for Officers and Rs. 4 lacs for Other Ranks as one lump sum. Those approved for admission will have to pay in advance the prescribed Security and Allied charges and License Fee before occupying the allotted accommodation the relevant Wing of the SCH. The license fee is subject to upward revision.

Security Fee

6. Security deposit for Officers is Rs. 1,00000/- and for all other ranks Rs. 60,000/-. This is refundable after deducting the dues, if any at the time, a resident decides to leave.

Additional Charges for stay

7. The residents are required to make payments for house keeping / maintenance charges, messing/extra messing, electricity, telephone, laundry and Dish Antenna connection for TV etc. on the basis of actual consumption/fixed by the SCH. These rates are subject to variation upward. If required by the residents, an attendant can also be arranged. The payment for such attendant has to be made by the residents.

Refund of License Fee

8. Any occupant/resident couple of single who wishes to leave SCH can be refunded the License money on the completion of one year only from the date of admission as enumerated below. The refund, should such a contingency arises, will be made only to the legal heir as per the probate of the terms of “WILL” rendered by the resident.

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Occupancy Period (in years) 
Couple/Single surviving spouse

Yearly reduction              
in %

Officers/ OtherRanks (in Lacs)

1 or less


4.5/ 3.6

2 or less


4 / 3.2

3 or less


3.5 / 2.8

4 or less


3 / 2.4

5 or less


2.5 / 2

6 or less


2/ 1.6

7 or less


1.5/ 1.2

8 or less


1 / 0.8

9 or less


0.5 / 0.4

After 10


Nil / Nil

Rate of transit charges
      Officers Other Ranks
(a) Non A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.250 Rs.200
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.350 Rs.250
(b) A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.550 Rs.500
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.650 Rs.550
      Officers Other Ranks
(a) Non A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.300 Rs.250
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.400 Rs.300
(b) A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.600 Rs.550
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.700 Rs.600

Serving & Retired Army, Navy & Air Force Personnel (not on T/D) and relatives of residents/dependent parents of serving officers & retired officers.  Social functions of sons and daughters of serving and retired Armed Forces Personnel.

      Officers Other Ranks
(a) Non A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.400 Rs.300
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.500 Rs.400
(b) A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.700 Rs.600
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.800 Rs.700

-  (Serving Armed Forces Personnel on T/D to units in Delhi Area.  Authority from the service HQ is to be produced).   The check out time will be 24 hour cycle from the time of booking in.

      Officers Other Ranks
(a) Non A/C Room  Single Bed       
  i) F/O & F/L (Equivalent) Rs.125 Rs. 125 (All Ranks)
  (ii) Sqn Ldr & above (Equivalent) Rs.400 Rs.250
(b) Officers & PBORs whilst on T/D and accompanied by families will be charged as per Para 3(a) (ii) or (b) (ii) above.

:(Serving & Retired Army, Navy & Air Force Personnel)

      Officers Other Ranks
(a) Non A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.800 Rs. 600
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.1000 Rs. 700
(b) A/C Room      
  (i) Single Bed Occupancy Rs.1200  
  (ii) Double Bed Occupancy Rs.1500  
(c) Hall Rs.5000 (Rs.1000 for residents)  
(d) Bar Room Rs.5000 (Rs.1000 for residents)  
(e) Basement Rs.1000  
(f)  Centre lobby Rs.2500  

:On Cancelation, the refund of advance will be made as below :

(a) Before 7 days in advance deduction 15%
(b) Between 6 to 5 days in advance deduction 25%
(c) Between 4 to 3 days in advance deduction 35%
(d) Between 2 to 1days   in advance deduction 50%