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Blog entry
A blog entry is a single post to an online journal, or blog.
A page, similar in form to a story, is a simple method for creating and displaying information that rarely changes, such as an "About us" section of a website. By default, a page entry does not allow visitor comments and is not featured on the site's initial home page.
A story, similar in form to a page, is ideal for creating and displaying content that informs or engages website visitors. Press releases, site announcements, and informal blog-like entries may all be created with a story entry. By default, a story entry is automatically featured on the site's initial home page, and provides the ability to post comments.
Advertisements can be randomly displayed to visitors of your website.
A frequently asked question and its answer.
The machine-readable name of this content type. This text will be used for constructing the URL of the create content page for this content type. This name must contain only lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores. Underscores will be converted into hyphens when constructing the URL of the create content page. This name must be unique.
Goal Of AFA
to display goal of AFA at right panel
News Letter
Create OBITUARIES page.
Photo Gallery
let the user to create their photo gallery