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Air Force Association - India
To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare

To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare

Marshal of the AF and Mrs. Arjan Singh Trust

Marshal of the AF and Mrs. Arjan Singh Trust


Marshal of the Air Force & Mrs. Arjan Singh Trust” was registered on 22nd September 2004 in Delhi. The Trust office is located next to the Air Force Association, Air Force Station New Delhi, Race Course, New Delhi-110003. The Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh generously donated Rs. 2 Crores towards the Corpus of the Trust. After the  demise of Mrs. Teji Arjan Singh a sum of Rs 25 Lacs has been donated by the family to the Corpus from her personal account. This was done in keeping with the wishes of Late Mrs. Teji Arjan Singh. The interest earned, on this Corpus amount, is distributed as grant/assistance to deserving people who have served in the IAF or wards or family members of such ex servicemen. Many other people have also been donating to this Trust and their names are displayed in the document below. All donations to the trust are Income Tax exempt (50%) under 80(G). A proper receipt is issued to all donors.


The Aims and Objectives for which the Trust is established are as under:-

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  • To provide grant/assistance to ex-Air Force personnel/their widows who are members of the Air Force Association, to meet their emergent requirements for which no assistance may be available from any source or the available assistance may be highly insufficient to meet their requirement. WEF Apr 2012 the Board Of Trustees decided to give grants to the serving lower ranks i.e. NC(E), DSC, AC, LAC, CPL and Sgt.  
  • To provide facilities/grants/assistance for rehabilitation to such persons particularly those who are in dire need.
  • To assist the beneficiaries in finding suitable employment/occupation.
  • To provide assistance/grants for meeting the educational requirement of such personnel.
  • To provide for assistance/grants to such persons for meeting emergent medical needs.
  • To create Trust and/or other similar institutions to award scholarships, stipends, financial assistance for promotion of studies and research.
  • To print and publish books, periodicals, pamphlets, newspapers or any other publications as may be considered necessary for promotion of the objects of the Trust.
  • To receive gifts, grants or donations in cash or kind and any movable or immovable property for promoting the objects of the Trust.
  • To engage in any kind of lawful activity which enables the Trust to achieve its objectives.
  • To support any other organization(s) conducting activities in conformity with the objectives of the Trust

Ancillary Objectives

The Trust shall have the following powers exercisable in furtherance of its objects.


  • To present, promote, organize, provide, manage and produce films, musical concerts, entertainment, exhibitions, courses, workshops, conferences etc to promote the objects of the Trust.
  • To employ staff and/or agents and to make provision for the proper remuneration of any such person.
  • To undertake and execute any charitable trust which may lawfully be undertaken by the trust and may be necessary for its objects.
  • To borrow and raise money for the purpose of Trust.
  • To invest the money of the Trust not immediately required for its purpose, consistent with the provisions of Income Tax Act.
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The Board of Trustees shall comprise of a minimum of 12 Trustees. The present Trustees are as follows:-

Trustees For Life
  1- Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh DFC
  2-Dr. Arvind Singh 
  3-Mr Vikram Fielding Singh
The following are the other trustees of the trust:-
  • President, Air Force Association                                  -                                       Chairman
  • Senior Vice President, AFA                                         -                                       Vice Chairman
  • Air Officer-in-charge Administration, Air HQ.               -                                       Ex-officio Trustee
  • Vice President, AFA                                                   -                                         Managing Trustee
  • Air Officer Commanding, AF Station Race Course         -                                        Ex-officio Trustee
  • Legal Adviser, AFA                                                    -                                          Trustee
  • Director of Personnel Services, Air HQ.                        -                                          Ex-officio Trustee
Presently the Trustees are: -
  • Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa   PVSM AVSM YSM VM  (Retd)              --                   Chairman
  • Air Marshal Jagjeet Singh PVSM VSM (Retd)                               --                     Vice Chairman
  • Air Marshal VPS RANA VSM, AOA, Air HQ                                --                        Ex-officio Trustee
  • AVM  SK Gagneja VSM (Retd)                                                  --                         Managing Trustee
  • AVM SC Luthra AVSM VSM (Retd)                                            --                       Non Ex-officio Trustee
  • Air Cmde Sartaj Bedi  VM VSM, AOC, AF Stn. N Delhi              --                       Ex-officio Trustee
  • Gp Capt KS Bhati  (Retd),  Legal Adviser                                --                       Trustee
  • Gp Capt Rakesh Chadha,   DPS, Air HQ.                                   --                        Ex-officio Trustee
  • Shri Amit Luthra                                                                       --                        Non Ex-officio Trustee


Frequency of the Meetings

The Board of Trustee meetings are held at least twice a year The Chairman may call additional meetings as necessary. A 21 days notice will be issued normally, extra ordinary meeting may be held with shorter notices. Any Trustee may request the Chairman to hold a meeting for a specific reason. The Chairman has the discretion to accept, modify or reject the request.
The applications for financial grants are screened by a Screening Committee every quarter. The Screening Committee consists of the following: -

  • Managing Trustee
  • DPS Air HQ.
  • Manager Trust

There-after the recommendations of the Screening Committee with appropriate remarks are put up to the Executive Committee for the final consideration and approval of the grants to most needy personnel. The Executive Committee consists of the following members: -

  • Chairman/Vice Chairman  
  • Managing Trustee
  • AOC AF Station New Delhi
  • Legal Advisor

The Executive Committee must assemble at least once every quarter. The Chairman may call additional meetings as necessary. Meeting notices should be at least seven days in advance. Extra ordinary meetings may be held with shorter notices.

Submission and Processing of Applications for Grants

Category Prioritisation of Individuals: - Any individual may make an appeal for a grant from the Trust. However, as it may not be possible to satisfy all valid demands that may be received, gravity of financial distress being the same, categorization of priority may have to be set for individuals filing a request for financial grant. The following categorization is set in descending order of priority:-

  • An AFA member or his/her dependents
  • An IAF person retired/widow/serving(lower ranks) or his/her dependents ;
  • Any retired defense services person or his/her dependents ;
  • Any Government service person, serving/retired or his/her dependents ;
  • Any other individual :
  • Individuals who do not have any other avenue for financial assistance be given priority over those who have possibilities for help from other sources.

Limits of Grant : Dispensation will be made quarterly/annually. The maximum one-time grant, may be authorized from the Trust to any individual, shall be limited to Rs. 2,50,000/- in exceptional cases.

Routing of Applications

  • The applications for financial grant are to be submitted as per the format given at Appendix ‘A’ (modified) to these Instructions.
  • Applications for grants from the Trust may be received by any of the following agencies :-

  • Trust office C/O AFA Head Office, Air Force Station, New Delhi, Race Course, New Delhi – 03
  • AFA Head Office at Air Force Station New Delhi, Race Course, New Delhi – 03
  • AFA Branch/Chapter Offices.
  • Air HQs/Command HQs.
  • Any Air Force Station.

Gp Capt Jaswant Tyagi (Retd)  is the Manager cum Chief Accts of the Trust and looks after the day to day functioning of the Trust. The needy ex-Air Force personnel/their widows and serving lower ranks can download the Application Form for Financial Assistance and forward the same through the Air Force Association of their State or through the nearest Air Force Station for consideration of financial grants. The applications may be sent through their respective state branches by the applicants.

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If you have Third Party Transfer facility on your net banking a/c then its really simple to transfer your donation amount to the a/c of the trust using RTGS/NEFT facility. You will have to get approval from your bank for the Trust to be one of your beneficiaries. Details of the Trust a/c are as follows:-

Beneficiary Account Number:-              3011972927

Beneficiary a/c Name                           Marshal of The Air Force and Mrs Arjan Singh Trust

RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Code                         CBIN0283463

MICR Code                                          110016070

Bank Name                                         Central Bank Of India

Branch Name                                      Air Force Station New Delhi-110003

E Mail ID                                             [email protected]

Tele No.                                               011-23013649