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Air Force Association - India
To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare

To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare



1.         Inform the Adjutant of the nearest AF Station. They will help with the funeral arrangements.


2.         Dignified last Rites to Air Veterans       You are eligible for Last Rites grants of Rs 7500/- from nearest  the Air Force Station (With in municipal limits) for funeral expenses incurred. Along with the information regarding the death of your spouse you need an application and supported by the following documents:-


(a)        A Copy of the Death Certificate and Pay Pension Order (PPO) Copy of CSD Card duly attested by a Gazetted Officers/ Sarpanch/Panchayat of the village, as applicable.


(b)        For assistance contact Adjutant/SWO/Sadbhavana Cell of the nearest Air Force Station.


3.         Please obtain TWO INK signed copies of the Medical certificate specifying the cause of death from the Hospital or the authorized Medical Practitioner. One of these is required by the authorities at the cremation/ burial ground. The other is required by the authorities (Registrar of Deaths & Births) who issues Death Certificates. Obtain cremation/burial certificate from the cremation/burial ground. Listed below are addresses which will be of help to you.


4.         Death Certificate.    You or a close relative should apply for the issue of the Death certificate within 15 days of the death of your spouse. Obtain at least 20 ink signed Death Certificates and create an equal number of Photostat copies, duly attested by a class one officer.


5.         Family Pension.   You are eligible for a family pension from the government. Write to the Pension paying Bank of your spouse informing them of demise of your spouse. Ask them to discontinue the pension of your spouse. Request them to start your family pension. You will need to write an application to the bank.Enclose an ink signed death certificate &a copy of the original PPO with a joint photograph of your spouse and you. If your spouse’s pension account was a joint account with you indicate it to the bank in your application. Then it is simpler to operate the same account for family pension. In case it was not a joint account, then you will have to open a new savings bank account in the same bank. It requires proof of Identity, proof of Residence and three attested photographs. For Identity proof a photo copy of voter I Card or PAN card will suffice.


6.         Death Relief Grant.       If your spouse was a member of the ZilaSainik Board you are eligible for a death relief grant, in one lump sum, from concerned ZilaSainik Board. Please apply with a copy of the Pension Pay Order of your late husband and a copy of the Death Certificate attested by a Gazetted officer.  Please deposit the identity card issued by the ZilaSainik Board (ZSB) and register yourself as a widow of an ex-serviceman. Obtain an identity card from the Office of the ZSB of your District.  You will need to appear in person with three stamp size photographs for the same.


7.         Write separately tothe Pension sanctioning Authority, PCDA (P) to start family pension. You will have to enclose an ink signed copy of the death certificate to Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions).


8.         Grant from IAFBA.        You are entitled to a rehabilitation grant from the IAFBA under the Family Assistance Scheme (FAS).The grants arein various categories, i.eOfficer, Airmen, NCs(E). The amount given to each category is listed in the next paragraph. You have to intimate the death of your husband through an application along with the original death certificateto the Secretary, IAFBA, AFGIS Building, Subroto Park.


9.         Family Assistance Scheme.


(a)        FAS-97:            Applicable for those who were retired prior to 31 March 1997and died after 01 Apr 97. The payment is given for one year at a time. The amount mentioned is the monthly dues.


Death after retirement of Veteran who has servedatleast 20 yrs.








For 08 Yrs


(b)        FAS-09:            Applicable for those who were in service on 01 Apr 09 and died after that date. The payment is given for one year. The amount mentioned is the monthly dues.


Death after retirement of Veteran who has served atleast  10 yrs.








For 08 Yrs



10.        Ex-Gratia for Air Force Association (AFA) members only.        An ex-gratia of Rs. 4,000 will be paid by the concerned Branch of AFA. A copy of the AFA identity Card and Death Certificate of your spouseis to be submitted to concerned branch or Head office. The ex-gratia is revised upwards from time to time.



10.        Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme.   You are eligible to join the ECH Scheme if you are not covered already. The ECHS membership form is available on the internet.  Please contact AFA Head Office / Branch office / Regional Centre ECHS for assistance. You can call ECHS on this Toll Free No 1800114115 for any other doubts.



11.        Post Retirement Insurance Coverage (PRIC).    If your spouse had taken a PRIC policy, you are eligible for a PRIC claim.  You have to forward the following documents to Secretary AFGIS:


            (a)        A copy of death certificate attested by a first class Gazetted officer.


(b)        Post Retirement Insurance Memorandum issued by the AFGIS in original and the approved copy of nomination.


(c)        Your photograph, duly attested by a Magistrate / StnCdr of the nearest AF Unit / Secretary, ZilaSainik Board, president / Secretary AFA of respective branch is to be affixed in the place provided for in the claim form “AFGIS-222”. This form is available from AFGIS. The bank confirmation proforma (AFGIS -229) which is on the reverse of AFGIS-222 is to be attested by the Bank Manager.



12.        Return Retired Officers I Card to the nearest AF Station. Request the AF Station to Issue a spouse I Card to you. There are forms to be filled up. An affidavit is required and photographs. This I card will permit you entry into AF Stations for using the facilities of canteen/AFWWA etc.



13.        List of Addresses.        Given below are addresses that you will need for communication with Air Force and allied agencies:




IAF Benevolent Association

AFGIS Building           

Subroto Park, New Delhi-10010


Secretary Enclosed


AFGIS Building

SubrotoPark,New Delhi-110010


Secretary, AFWWA

Santushti Shopping Complex

New Willingdon Camp

Opposite Hotel Ashok Samrat

Race Course, New Delhi- 03


Dte of Air Veterans

Air HQ (SP)

First Floor, SMC Building

Subroto Park , New Delhi - 110010


Secretary………….. Branch

Air Force Association ………….Branch

Address given in the Eagles Eye 2014 page no. 15 and 16






PCDA (P), DraupadiGhat Allahabad-211014.Email:-  [email protected]

Contact No. 242187, 2421879, 2421880



Note: - To be sent separately to each of the above addresses as applicable. 

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