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Air Force Association - India
To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare

To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare

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Frequently Asked Questions - Efiketade Iwajidi

All Veteran Air Warriors ( ex-Air Force personnel-Officers and all other ranks,including NCEs ) are entitled to become Members of the Air Force Association-India. You can do all this on-line. Please see the Heading Membership and fill up the form. After submitting the form please see the amount of subscription to be paid by different Ranks under the Heading Membership on the Home Page.

For transferring any amount of money to the AFA, be it membership fee; any donation; establishing a scholarship in the name of your parents/ yourself; etc  you will have to use your own Net Banking. The Air Force Association will have to be first approved as a beneficiary by your banker. Then through Third Party Transfer as authorized to you by the Bank, you can transfer any amount.

Details of the Air Force Association Bank account with the Central Bank are placed under the DONATE heading. These particulars are required by you to be filled up in the prescribed columns while effecting  a Third Party Transfer.

You are also welcome to send your subscription by cheque. Please address your letters to the Secretary, Air Force Association, Air Force Station Race Course, New Delhi

e mail:[email protected]




A.1. Click on the ‘Members Directory’, type only your service number  in the prescribed field, Look for your name, Click on the name -Your profile page will open. If you are searching for your friend and his service number is not available, type his first name or last name and rank and click on the search tab. 

You have to be a member of the AFA and must have paid the subscription as applicable for your Rank.

If yes ! Then please type JUST your service number in the provided column and in most cases your name will appear. The uploading of the profile pages is a continuous precess but if you have taken your membership in the recent past then may be, you will have to wait for a while.

If you have taken your membership on line and have cleared the dues also on line, then you have created your own profile page your self and it is available on the web site.

If it is not there then please write a mail to [email protected] giving all your details. 

A.2 For editing your personal details you will be required to log-in to the web site. You will need your user name and password. The user name will comprise of
        your First name
        your personal/service number and
        your last name
These names will have to be exactly as written in your profile which you have just seen. If your first name comprises of initials then the user name will start with initials and end with your surname.
For example:-
         RAJKUMAR6524VERMA  or
Please note that all alphabets are in upper case (Capital Letters).
The password will be the one connected with your e-mail. The web site can also generate a password if you so request and it shall be sent to you in your e-mail inbox.

The web site will recognize you only if your profile contains your current e-mail address. In case you notice that your profile contains a wrong e-mail address or your e-mail address is missing , then please send your e-mail address to the AFA through the ‘Feed Back’ facility provided on the web site. You will be able to log in only after your e mail address has been incorporated in your profile page.

You will be able to Edit your profile after logging in.
You will then be enabled to upload your photograph on your own profile page singly or with spouse from the pictures folder of your own computer.
If you wish to upload some photographs which are of interest to other Veterans and pertain to your life in the IAF, then please upload these on the image gallery. These will be published only after the Web Site Moderator has approved your submission.

You must upload a frontal photograph of yourself and of your spouse,as the case may be, on the space provided on your profile page. The photograph need not be in uniform. It must be a current photograph. Life is what it is, it would therefore be necessary  to recognize you when the need arises. Just let it be nice photograph without any frills. This has to be invariably uploaded from within your own computer pictures folder. 

A.3. Please access the Message Board and write all that you want to. Web Site Moderator will publish your message on the message board after moderation, if required. Or you can use Air Force Association face book and twitter account. AFA face book name is AirForceAssociaiton with AFA logo.

A.4. You can calculate your pension on the facility provided on the web site home page. If you find that the figures are different from what you are being given by the Bank, then please visit the nearest District Sainik Board and obtain a letter from them indicating your correct pension. Pension disbursing bank will then be able to re work your pension and arrears, if any.

A.5. Yes, The AFA has two learned Advocates who offer legal advise to the Veteran fraternity provided the problems are related to your service benefits etc. Their advise is purely advisory in nature and you must consult your own lawyers. Your questions to them and their answers will also appear on the message board.

 We will be uploading different tunes on the website for your listening pleasure including some played by the Indian Air Force Symphony Orchestra.

Please send any track that you want to hear. We will try and let you hear it for a few days till we receive the next choice. If you wish to request any particular track and do not have it then just send its particulars. We will try and find that track for you. AFA is with you now for your listening pleasure also.

You can MUTE this by clicking on the button provided next to the hit counter on the home page in the Footer section (at the bottom). 

1 Log-in with your branch user name and pass word,

2 Go to your branch page and click on Edit button and then scroll down.

3 Through Browse select the image to be uploaded, click Upload and Save on completion of uploading.


A.6.  The web site enables you not only to search out your old buddies from the days in uniform but also become friends with them once again on the portal of the AFA website. Select your friends from the list of members and then send them an e mail. Once your request is accepted by your chosen friend you will be able to chat with him in real time. When you are logged in you will be able to see your friends if they too are logged in.  Quite like a messenger.

Yes Sir !

We are really proud of you because you are not only an award winner but a legend. Many  young men are looking up to your heroic actions that you performed in the face of adversity. You have made the Country and the Indian Air Force proud.

Sir! Send us your investiture photograph. Please see that it is big enough to be close to the size of the Banner. We can fit it in by cropping/stretching. Do add a small caption with your photograph,year of award and a few other details. It has to be displayed as a footer on the photograph so it has to be really short. Send these by scanning and uploading. You may mail these to:-

[email protected]


We are eagerly waiting for your response.

Oh Yes !

You are seeing some videos in the video gallery. A song by Rini Chandra is just to show you the possibility. Consider this the U TUBE for the IAF veterans. Keep it small and clean. We are sure you would like the world to see the best of the Air Force.