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Air Force Association

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Welcome to Air Force Association - India

Air Force Association was formed on 15 September, 1980, as a non-political body and registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, with a mandate to promote the welfare of retired Air Force personnel, their families and families of those who are deceased.

It has above 60,000 members and is functioning on all India basis with 19 branches in various State capitals and 2 abroad, Australia and UK.

Besides promoting welfare of retired Air Force personnel, the Association is also committed to preserve the memories of its meritorious members and gallant air warriors.

The President of the Association, according to the constitution, is always the last retiring Chief of the Air Staff.

What AFA can do for You

  • Provides Comradeship

  • Large network of AFA Contacts
  • AFA Newsletter
  • Free Legal Aid
  • Home to Senior Citizens
  • Information on Latest Welfare Benefits

Membership of AFA

AFA makes Individual members as well as Institutional members. The individual membership is restricted to retired Air Force personnel including Non Combatants (Enrolled), and in case of their death, to their widows.

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Goals of AFA

  • To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare
    To improve the quality of life of those who have served the Air Force and the nation


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